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Situated near Dubois, Wyoming and encompassing two mountain ranges, the Wind River and Absaroka Mountains, the fishing is...

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Nestled in the little Western town of Dubois, Wyoming, the Wind River is a classic mountain river that starts on Togwotee...

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Starting at the Wedding of the Waters in Thermopolis, Wyoming and home to the World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs, the Bighorn...

Green River

Dunoir Fishing Adventures holds permits to guide fly fishing and Blast & Cast trips on the world class Green River located...

Dubois, Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide ReportToday was an absolutely outstanding day fly fishing in Dubois, Wyoming! It was guide's day off and Tim and I went to explore some high mountain lakes outside of Dubois, Wyoming. The lake was glassy when we arrived, but the Wind River wind decided to pick up a bit. Fishing was a bit slow until Tim hooked into this 30 inch brown trout (taped). This is hands down the largest trout that I have ever seen in the wild. Most people travel to New Zealand to catch browns like this...we have them right here in Wyoming! Tim definitely has earned a large brown like this, and I take my hat off to him. Definitely the angler of the summer. Let's see if he can hold on to that title. Keep posted for more to come!

Dubois, Wyoming Fly Fishing GuidesDunoir Fishing Adventure's fishing guides have been working hard in Dubois and Thermopolis, Wyoming guiding on the alpine lakes and the Bighorn River. We are in our peak season for guests and making sure all of our guests have a fly fishing adventure of a lifetime. The fishing has remained good to great despite our big water on the rivers. Guests have been catching rainbows, cutthroats, browns, and even lake trout. Hot flies lately have been a few foam terrestrials, tricos, streamers, and baetis nymphs. It is the season of the dry-dropper set-ups! The Bighorn River flows have been bumped up to 3750 cfs yesterday, which is up from 2000 cfs a few weeks ago. My family and I enjoyed a day off at Brooks Lake fly fishing in Dubois a few days ago. Little Meesha is showing promise of becoming a great fly angler and is perfecting her cast. Keep posted for more fishing reports to come.

Thermopolis Bighorn Fly Fishing GuidesDunoir Fishing Adventures' guides have been busy fishing in Dubois and Thermopolis, Wyoming this past week, and the fly fishing has been good to outstanding. The brown trout are active right now and lots of big hogs have been coming into the net. On the Bighorn River yesterday, Steve and Brian had a stellar day catching big fish on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Seemed like the fish were eating everything. Gordan and I fished a tributary to the Wind River today and it was good despite the high water. The first fish was a beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat trout that taped in at 19 inches. The fishing in Dubois, Wyoming has been great and we have been using dry flies, streamers, and nymphs as well on those waters. The Bighorn River flows have increased again to around 2900 cfs and the Wind River is still blown out, but we always know of spots that are hot to fish. Keep posted for more to come!

Dubois, Wyoming Fly fishing guidesJust because the Wind River and some of its tributaries are blown out with early season run-off doesn't mean anglers cannot take the opportunity to fish the many other waters located near Dubois, Wyoming. We have been fly fishing with Teresa and Jeff this week in snow, sun, rain, and wind and have had an absolute blast. Both Jeff and Teresa caught several nice trout despite these conditions. The SoCal couple definitely "cowboyed up" and kept tight lines and reaped the rewards. The best part of fishing in variable conditions is that we had the water to ourselves! The Bighorn River and the Green River flows are coming down but still remain high. We love to fish the big water, so don't let it worry you should you be considering a trip to Wyoming to fish.